Number Title Project City, State Bid Date
X20013 BRO 8029(00)20-1 Hamlin County Bridge Deck Polymer Chip Seal Hamlin County, SD 09-30-2020
W19002 Roberts County BRO 8055(00)19-3 Structure & Approach Grading Roberts County, SD 09-21-2020
X20027 168th Street Grade Raise - Codington County Codington County, SD 09-08-2020
A18054R REBID - Wastewater Lift Station Replacement - Westport, SD Westport, SD 09-02-2020
A17067D-A REBID REBID - Tulare Water System Improv - Water Tower Replacement Sch A Tulare, SD 06-17-2020
A19052 Wolsey Water Pump House Improvements Wolsey, SD 05-28-2020
A17067D-A Tulare Water System Improv - Water Tower Replacement Sch A Tulare, SD 05-20-2020
A17067D-B Tulare Water System Improv - Pump House & Maintenance Shop Sch B Tulare, SD 05-20-2020
A17021D-A Groton Water System Improve - Water Main Extension Schedule A Groton, SD 05-12-2020
A17021D-B Groton Water System Improve - Water Tower Replacement Schedule B Groton, SD 05-12-2020
A17021D-C Groton Water System Improve - New Pump House & Site Piping - Schedule C Groton, SD 05-12-2020
X18522 Willow Creek Bank Reconstruction Watertown, --- 05-12-2020
X20004 2020 Lincoln County Microsurfacing Project Lincoln County, SD 03-18-2020
X19008 42-090-054 Structure Replacement Lincoln County, SD 03-18-2020
A19026 Beadle Co Hwy Maintenance Building Relocation of Sanitary Sewer & Water Mains Huron, SD 03-05-2020
X19069 JPA Pavement Maintenance Sioux Falls, SD 03-05-2020
X19070 42-190-249 Structure Replacement Lincoln County, SD 02-19-2020
A16007.006 Redfield School Dist. Greeno Building Parking Lot Reconstruction Redfield, SD 02-06-2020
X19088 2020 Lincoln County Surfacing Project Lincoln County, SD 02-05-2020
X19016 BRO 8003(00)19-5 and BRF 6528(00)19-6 Beadle County, SD 02-05-2020
X19086 2020 Beadle County Surfacing Project Beadle County, SD 02-05-2020
A20002 Spink County Road 11 Mill & Overlay Spink County, SD 02-04-2020
W17009 BRO 8013(00)19-1, Clark County, PCN 076D Structure Replacement Clark County, SD 01-15-2020
X19087 2020 Brookings County Surfacing Project Brookings, SD 01-14-2020
X19019 Yankton County BRF 6345(00)19-1 076E & PN 076Q Bridge Preservation Project Yankton, SD 11-19-2019
W18004.001 2nd Ave S & 22nd St E-Willow Creek Village 4th Addn Watertown, SD 04-02-2019
X19006 Hillcrest Industrial Park Ph 1 Colman, SD 03-28-2019